Cameron Domenico Kirk-Giannini

Rutgers University Department of Philosophy
106 Somerset Street, 5th Floor
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

curriculum vitae


I am a graduate student in the philosophy department at Rutgers University.

Before coming here, I completed an MPhil in Philosophical Theology at the University of Oxford and studied Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and Philosophy at Harvard College. In the summer of 2014, I was a visiting student at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy at LMU. I returned to Oxford as a guest of the New Insights and Directions for Religious Epistemology Project for Trinity Term 2015, and again as a visiting graduate student for Trinity Term 2016. In Fall 2017, I was a visiting student at USC.

My interests include the philosophy of language, formal epistemology, the philosophy of mind, decision theory, logic, and the philosophy of religion.


''Uniformity Motivated'' Linguistics and Philosophy (forthcoming).

Abstract: Can rational communication proceed when interlocutors are uncertain which contents utterances contribute to discourse? An influential negative answer to this question is embodied in the Stalnakerian principle of uniformity, which requires speakers to produce only utterances that express the same content in every possibility treated as live for the purposes of the conversation. The principle of uniformity enjoys considerable intuitive plausibility and, moreover, seems to follow from platitudes about assertion; nevertheless, it has recently proven controversial. In what follows, I defend the principle by developing two arguments for it based on premises reflecting the central aims and assumptions of possibility-carving frameworks for modeling inquiry ó that is, frameworks which describe the evolution of individuals' attitudinal states in terms of set-theoretic operations defined over a domain of objects representing possibilities.

''Radically Insensitive Theists'' Religious Studies (forthcoming).
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Abstract: Sceptical theists attempt to meet the challenge to theism posed by evidential arguments from evil by appealing to the limitations of human cognition. Drawing on an exchange between William Rowe and Michael Bergmann, I argue that consistent sceptical theists must be radically insensitive to certain kinds of evidence about prima facie evils Ė that is, that they must endorse the claim that not even evidence of extreme and pervasive suffering could justify disbelief in theism. I show that Bergmannís attempt to respond to this problem does not succeed and argue that no alternative response is forthcoming, concluding that the threat of radical insensitivity constitutes a serious and underappreciated difficulty for sceptical theism.

''De Ray: On the Boundaries of the Davidsonian Semantic Programme'' Mind 126 (2017), 697-714. (With Ernie Lepore.)
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Abstract: Greg Ray (2014) believes he has discovered a crucial oversight in Donald Davidsonís semantic programme, recognition of which paves the way for a novel approach to Davidsonian semantics. We disagree: Rayís novel approach involves a tacit appeal to pre-existing semantic knowledge which vitiates its interest as a development of the Davidsonian programme.

Works in Progress

(Name Redacted for Blind Review).

Summary: I argue that the propositional object of a speakerís assertoric commitment is not always the propositional object on which she and her interlocutors doxastically coordinate in response to her assertion. Along the way, I present a series of novel arguments against Stalnakerís principle of uniformity.

(Name Redacted for Blind Review).

Summary: I propose a novel semantics for slurs.

Recent and Upcoming Presentations* 

(Name Redacted for Blind Review). Pacific APA Colloquium, San Diego. [March 2018]

(Name Redacted for Blind Review). USC/UCLA Graduate Conference, Los Angeles. [March 2018]

Uniformity Motivated. Central APA Colloquium, Chicago. [February 2018]

(Name Redacted for Blind Review). Harvard/MIT Graduate Conference, Cambridge [February 2018]

(Name Redacted for Blind Review). ESSLLI 2017 Workshop on Integrating Approaches to Social Meaning, Toulouse. [July 2017]

Uniformity Motivated. ESSLLI 2017 Student Session, Toulouse. [July 2017]

Uniformity Motivated. UT Austin Graduate Philosophy Conference, UT Austin. [April 2017]

Radically Insensitive Theists. University of Oklahoma Graduate Philosophy Conference, University of Oklahoma. [February 2017]

Uniformity Motivated. Northern Graduate Philosophy Conference, Northern Illinois University. [October 2016]

(Name Redacted for Blind Review). Pacific APA Colloquium, San Francisco. [April 2016]

(Name Redacted for Blind Review). New York Philosophy of Language Workshop, New York University. [December 2015]

Skeptical Theism and the Future. New Insights and Directions for Religious Epistemology Workshop on Formal Epistemology and Religious Epistemology, University of Oxford. [December 2014]

Truth Conditions Not Required. OZSW Graduate Conference in Theoretical Philosophy, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. [May 2014]

Truth Conditions Not Required. Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference, UC Boulder. [April 2014]

Skeptical Theism is Self-Defeating. Pacific APA Colloquium, San Diego. [April 2014]

*Where the title of a paper has changed over time, presentations are listed under the current title.