Cameron Domenico Kirk-Giannini

Rutgers University Department of Philosophy
106 Somerset Street, 5th Floor
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

curriculum vitae


I am a graduate student in the philosophy department at Rutgers University.

Before coming here, I completed an MPhil in Philosophical Theology at the University of Oxford and studied Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and Philosophy at Harvard College. In the summer of 2014, I was a visiting student at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy at LMU. I returned to Oxford as a guest of the New Insights and Directions for Religious Epistemology Project for Trinity Term 2015, and again as a visiting graduate student for Trinity Term 2016.

My interests include the philosophy of language, formal epistemology, the philosophy of mind, decision theory, logic, and the philosophy of religion.


''De Ray: On the Boundaries of the Davidsonian Semantic Programme'' (forthcoming). Mind. (With Ernie Lepore.)

Works in Progress

"Assertion Reconsidered"

"Skeptical Theism and the Future" 

Recent and Upcoming Presentations 

Assertion Reconsidered. Pacific APA Colloquium, San Francisco. [April 2016]

Assertion Reconsidered. New York Philosophy of Language Workshop, New York University. [December 2015]

Skeptical Theism and the Future. New Insights and Directions for Religious Epistemology Workshop on Formal Epistemology and Religious Epistemology, University of Oxford. [December 2014]

Truth Conditions Not Required. OZSW Graduate Conference in Theoretical Philosophy, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. [May 2014]

Truth Conditions Not Required. Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference, UC Boulder. [April 2014]

Skeptical Theism is Self-Defeating. Pacific APA Colloquium, San Diego. [April 2014]

A New Moral Problem for (Skeptical) Theism. 4th Annual Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Research Conference, Department of Classics, University of Leeds. [June 2013]

Mushy Skeptical Theism and the Evidential Argument from Evil. Pacific APA Colloquium. [March 2013]